Appearing on the 'This Morning' show, Akshay Phillips expressed his gratitude and thanked Bitcoin System creators for dramatically changing his life and financial situation. Akshay said he never understood exactly how their system works but that it has been making him profits consistently, from the very first day.

The official website of Bitcoin System claims it can generate high profits by enabling its users to trade cryptocurrencies faster than everyone else on the market, giving them an unfair advantage.

In order to activate the account, user would have to deposit a minimum of £200 GBP ($250 dollars).

Bitcoin System would then show when is the perfect time to buy Bitcoin low and then sell it high. This way the user profits would always be maximized without any risk.

Akshay said that any credit card can be used for the initial deposit.

Live on the air, Akshay asked Holly Willoughby to register and deposit £200 on Bitcoin System.

Holly was hesitating at first but then decided to try it.

After she deposited the inital £200, Holly started buying currencies for cheap and selling them for higher price very quickly. Within only 7 minutes, Holly made £60.24 in profit and had a total balance of £260.24 in her account.

Akshay explaining to Holly how she can track her profits.

Everyone in the audience, including the production staff, were shocked. Akshay tried to calm down everyone and explicitly said that Bitcoin System is not a magic platform.

Before Akshay even had a chance to answer Phillip Schofields question, Holly jumped and said with a smile on her face: "Now I have £177.51 in profit, how is this possible? Can I withdraw it right away?"

At this point, "This Morning" producers decided to step in and stop the program, before we could find out what happened next.

We Decided To Investigate Bitcoin System

If Bitcoin System is constantly making money for its users, how does the company earn any money?

We found out that the answer is simple but genius: Bitcoin System keeps exactly 8% of the users' profits. In other words, only when the user makes money, they makes money. This explains why they are so 'motivated' to generate as much profits for their users as possible.

It says on their website that in order to activate the trading account and start making money, the user would have to deposit a minimum of £200 GBP ($250 dollars).

We've seen a lot of websites promising similar results over the past year. In order for us to be sure and to give our readers actual results, whether they were going to be good or bad, we had to test Bitcoin System ourselves.

Our Results with Bitcoin System:

To verify Akshay's story, we decided to try Bitcoin System ourselves to see if it was really possible for an average person to make any money with it.

Our reporter Anthony Hawkins went through full process:

Step 1: Registration on Bitcoin System

Registration on Bitcoin System was quick indeed, it took me only 2 minutes to complete the signup process.

I couldn't do anything because the account was not activated. In order to activate it I had to make a deposit. I decided to grab quick coffee with my colleagues and then to continue.

Step 2: Deposit and Activation

To activate the account, I've made the initial deposit of £200 pounds using my credit card. My account was activated immediately after the deposit so I decided to open couple of trades and browse around their website to see if they have any other options available.

By accident, I refreshed the trading page and I couldn't believe what I was seeing!

It really worked! I've made £39.84 in profit, after only 3 minutes of making the deposit!

Step 3: My first profit on Bitcoin System

It's not a lot, but it took almost no effort! Not to mention that I have no experience in trading or cryptocurrencies.

For someone like me, without any experience, to make £39.84 within 3 minutes is a tremendous achievement, I've never made a trade in my life before.

However, It could have been just a lucky start, so I decided to continue trading.

To my surprise, profitable trades were coming in, slowly but consistently, every day of every week. Akshay was correct, not all trades were successful, 7-8 trades out of 10 were profitable.

I decided to monitor it closely and see what is going to happen in the next 28 days.

Either I was going to make profits consistently or lose my £200 investment. One of these two will most likely end up happening.

I was in for a big surprise!

After only 4 weeks, Bitcoin System displayed a total of £11,394.28 in profit, and I started only with the initial deposit of £200 pounds, this is unbelievable!

My only regret is that I didn't deposit more money during these 4 weeks because I would certainly end up with more profit in my pocket.

At this point, any friend I would show my account to, would rush to register on Bitcoin System immediately.

£11,394.28 profit in only 4 weeks!

I decided to withdraw most of my profits, so I had Bitcoin System pay out £11,000 to my PayPal account. The remaining amount I decided to keep on Bitcoin System to generate more money.

7 hours later, I've received an email from Paypal saying that I've received £11,000 from Bitcoin System, I checked my Paypal right away to confirm it and the money was there!

£11,000.00 arrived from Bitcoin System to my Paypal account.

Bitcoin System really works!

Akshay from London was not lying, Bitcoin System indeed works and it will definitely change a lot of lives!

Unfortunately, today they've sent an email to everyone explaining that soon they will have to close down the registrations for new members as they can't keep up with the demand.

If you haven't by now, I urge you and everyone reading this to register right away, in order to secure your spot because they might close registrations at any given point.

However, it's necessary to deposit a minimum of £200 GBP (or $250 USD) in order to fully activate the account and begin trading.

IMPORTANT: You will most likely receive a call after signing up, just like I have. Don't ignore it because their managers were very helpful when I was starting out and I highly recommend building a good relationship with them.

For those interested, here's my full 4 week journey with Bitcoin System:

4 weeks breakdown:

First Week: £2,838.38
I spent around 5 minutes a day checking results. After three days I already had a profit of £837.48 in my account. This is a 334% return on my initial investment of £200. On my seventh day I had total profit of £2,838.38 in the account.

Second Week: £5,659.48
In the second week everything happened very quickly. My balance grew faster and faster. After 14 days I had £5,659.48 in my trading account.

Third Week: £8,948.35
The third week went very smoothly too. I even started checking my account only every other day or so because it was working like a clockwork. Bitcoin System has increased my profits consistantly to an amount of £8,948.35 in total.

Fourth Week: £11,394.28
At the end of the test I had a breathtaking profit of £11,394.28. My colleagues and I could still not believe how I've made this much money in just 4 weeks.

Official website: Bitcoin System